18 April 2018

New Mexico Doors

Ok....just a bit of something different.  Also, love how there are chilies hanging everywhere.

10 April 2018

Southwest Textiles

Ok....so much of this lovely stuff.

04 April 2018


Ok....more beautiful.

30 March 2018

Santa Fe

Ok...just beautiful.

15 February 2018

Knitting Lace

Ok....quick little lace project to break up all the bulky knitting....

01 February 2018

Bit of Everything 2

Ok.....so another round of mixed spinning...love the process and love the result. 

22 January 2018


Ok...can't resist when all the cardinals come to visit.

28 December 2017

The Warmth of the Season

To all of you....a warm and happy holiday season.